Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walker's Stubbornness Costs Wisconsin Taxpayers

Have you seen how many police are at the Capitol recently, and all the different uniforms? We know that Rep. Nick Milroy was tackled by a Two Rivers police officer. How much is this, what appears to be, hugely unnecessary show of force costing the taxpayers of Wisconsin? How many police officers are being paid overtime so this duty can be performed? Are their hotels, food, and travel expenses paid for? For the officers' sake, I hope so. However, should the taxpayers of Wisconsin be paying to make Walker feel better?

What about the costs of all of the metal detectors, when there hasn't been a hint of violence?

What about the costs of sending police multiple times to the homes of the Wisconsin 14 as political stunts?

What about the costs to clean the grounds from rallies for and against Walker? The unions have been cleaning up the Capitol every night, and they also plan to contribute money towards cleaning the grounds. Yet, if Walker wouldn't have demanded stripping collective bargaining from public employees, or would have compromised in any reasonable amount of time, we could have all been saved this trouble. Everyone knows the protesters would rather be somewhere else.

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