Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Walker Supporters to March on Wisconsin GAB

Rachel Maddow broke the news that Scott Walker supporters are planning on protesting at the Government Accountability Board office this Friday. According to this note on Facebook, the group Let's march for Scott Walker is asking people to "March on the GAB! Protect your vote!" They say the recall process isn't fair, and their vote is "watered down" by the recall process. What they clearly don't understand is that they can simply vote again, that's fair.

Nearly as many people stood out in the cold to recall Walker as voted for him in a warm polling building, and until the Voter Suppression Bill goes into effect, voting for one candidate is easier than signing a recall petition. I'd say that's more than enough to suggest he should undergo another election and so does the Wisconsin Constitution.

Here are some choice statements from the note:
  • The GAB and the system are failing to protect the citizens of Wisconsin who voted November 2010.
  • Signatures on the recall petitions out weigh the voter
  • GAB does not have the ability to verify over a million signatures!
  • GAB Will you listen to the registered voter who voted Nov 2010?
  • GAB does listen to signatures that cannot be truly verified!
  • Tell the GAB we do not want our vote watered down.
  • GAB, FORGET the lawyers. Use common sense. Our state and Country's future is at stake! You MUST do your mission. Protect the vote! Do NOT protect all the signatures!
These people are called uninformed voters, and they are the main reason people like Scott Walker get elected. Help everyone by doing your best to politely inform.

However, there's a very scary statement in there. "Do NOT protect all the signatures!" Republicans, in particular the Scotts (Walker and Fitzgerald), need to publicly denounce such notions and confirm the credibility of the recall process. You tried recalling Democrats, but just because you couldn't get enough signatures doesn't mean the process for which you sought is somehow now flawed.


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  2. I suggest we have a counter-demonstration with MAXIMUM participation. Do we really want to let a group of right-wing extremists intimidate people working at the GAB? This effort has taken far too long and we all have put in too many hours, days, and even months, to sit by idly, while extremist try to terrorize anyone involved in the process, even the third-party, neutral workers at GAB.

    They have held our democracy hostage long enough. It is time for a major show of people-powered force again my fellow Wisconsinites. Brush off the winter cobwebs and break out the rally signs. We have unfinished business to attend to.

  3. Counter-Demonstration event"