Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Republicans Release Compromise Mining Bill - for Republicans

The Republicans have finally compromised on mining legislation for Wisconsin. Compromised with themselves that is. And no agreement has actually been reached between Republicans.

In the press release, Senators Darling and Vos specifically mention Senator Dale Schultz as the one man they are trying to compromise with. You couldn't mistakenly think they were trying to compromise with anyone else at all.
"For the past week, we have been meeting...with State Senator Dale Schultz."

"We have listened to his concerns and responded with a compromise proposal which address many of the concerns we heard from Senator Schultz.

"We hope he takes the time to thoroughly review the measure and that we are able to find common ground."
The Republicans are making no attempt to compromise with Democrats or the public of Wisconsin, just compromise enough to get a bill passed.

The Darling/Vos compromise changes the floodplain exemptions that were mentioned here. Whether the changes still affect flood insurance for Wisconsin citizens is yet to be seen.

The Republicans didn't really yield on anything. Every change appears to be just a slight modification.

Dale, stand by your convictions as you did with the collective bargaining rights-stripping bill.

Update: Dale Schultz has refused the Darling/Vos compromise (JS paywall link). Thank you, Dale Schultz, very much!

His primary concerns are keeping environmental protections and contested case hearings in place, and he says he won't support a bill that removes them.

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