Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Walker Has Miraculously Recovered from Debilitating Flu

Thank God, I didn't want him to miss his meeting with his REAL bosses at the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) today. According to Scott Walker's latest tweets, he miraculously recovered from the flu that prevented him from visiting Master Lock, a union shop, with the President yesterday.

Walker first tweeted that he was sick on Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning, he tweeted that he was "still recovering from a nasty case of the flu," and then a few hours later, just after his scheduled meeting with President Obama was to take place, he tweeted that he was feeling better.
"...glad I'm feeling better after some rest.

After a good afternoon of rest, was able to host Hispanic leaders for discussion of expanding prosperity & opportunity."
I gave Walker the benefit of the doubt yesterday, believing he was sick while others doubted. However, his quick and timely recovery, allowing him to skip just the successful union shop, looks very suspicious. We all knew he wouldn't miss time in front of the media or his meeting with some of his biggest campaign supporters at the WMC lobby group early this afternoon.

One wonders why he didn't want to go to a successful union workplace with the President who's increased private-sector jobs every month for the past 23 consecutive months. Probably 'cause that's not Walker's tune: success, job creation and unions.


Join the Wisconsin Wave in protesting at Walker's meeting
"In protest the Wisconsin Wave will lead a picket and rally outside of the event to further expose and delegitimize this secretive, reactionary institution which literally wrote and funded most of the anti-worker, anti-family, anti-Wisconsin legislation forced through the legislature this past year.

WMC and its undisclosed industry backers are the entities who really run the show in Wisconsin, no matter who is in power. Join us as we call out WMC for their role in buying our democracy (more on this below) and advancing their extremist right-wing agenda."

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