Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wisconsin GOP in Disarray

Scott Walker and his Super PACs can't stop lying about his mythical balanced budget, and Walker has now resorted to stealing from victims to help plug his hole*. He "called in sick" instead of join President Obama to visit the union shop Master Lock in Milwaukee.

The GOP is still fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their secret gerrymandering operation a secret.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald threw a tantrum Tuesday, just before adjourning the Senate until 12:01 AM Wednesday, so he could ram through a disastrous wetlands bill. Later Wednesday, Fitzgerald abruptly, and without notice to some Republicans, disbanded the committee setup to create an acceptable mining bill to replace the Assembly's industry-written bill.

The Wisconsin GOP is flailing. They're making quick strategic decisions that aren't very strategic, and they hold all the cards. Even with their millions from out-of-state donors, the Republicans are clearly worried about their upcoming recall elections.

Other people are seeing the same dysfunction.

Help keep the heat on them by contacting them as well as your legislators to tell them how you feel. Tell your friends and family too, politely. People are starting to listen. Sticking to facts you know, and admitting when you don't, goes a long way.

Maybe the Republicans will accidentally vote in Wisconsin's interests before we recall them.

*The hole was created due to Walker's tax reductions and sustained job loss.

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