Monday, February 27, 2012

Walker Recall: No Fraudulent Signatures

With millions of dollars, thousands of workers, and thrice the normal time, Scott Walker has been unable to find any fraudulent signatures in the campaign to recall him from the office of Wisconsin Governor, and he's throwing in the towel.

There are no known fraudulent signatures in the recall of Walker. Walker couldn't even find one, according to Wisconsin Democrat Party Chair Mike Tate.

So, the campaign to recall Walker has verifiably collected nearly as many signatures as people who voted for Walker (1.1 million), and a recall election is now inevitable. The GAB just has to certify the recall, and without a challenge, certification is little more than a rubber stamp. (This is a little misleading, because Walker got a judge to make the GAB verify the signatures, costing more taxpayer money, but if Walker can't find any fraudulent signatures, there aren't enough, if any, fraudulent signatures to not certify the recall.)

No names were challenged as "fake" in any of the recalls against Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and 3 other Republican Senators either, despite all of the ruckus over Mickey Mouse signatures and duplicate signers.

Can you smell blood?

Update: Walker wants the out-of-state "Verify the Recall" group to challenge signatures, but the GAB has denied his request. Walker could have submitted any of their supposed findings if he felt they had any merit. Instead, he declined and left the BSing to a third-party.

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