Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wisconsin Senate Republicans Support Al Qaeda and Other Terrorists by Passing Concealed Weapons Bill

Two weeks ago, al Qaeda released a new video praising the U.S. for its lax gun laws and urging Muslims in the U.S. to buy as many guns as they can and start shooting Americans. The terrorist cites the ease of owning and carrying guns in the U.S., and specifically mentioned the ease of purchasing semi-automatic weapons at gun shows, without background checks.

The Wisconsin Senate Republicans just helped al Qaeda reach their goal of killing more Americans by passing the concealed weapons bill on to the Assembly. The bill allows for more people to carry loaded guns in more situations, but it doesn't stop people from owning guns who shouldn't, like *ahem* terrorists.

The bill will allow more terrorists to walk around with weapons, citizens or not. It will allow these terrorists to walk into parks and bars with a concealed weapon, and we won't be able to tell the difference between good guy and bad. We don't have access to the list of people who are able to carry concealed weapons, and the police have very little access.

Who, besides someone else carrying a gun, will demand to see a permit, or even question someone carrying a gun? Anyone carrying a gun will simply be allowed to continue to carry the gun, that is unless we call the police every time we think we see a gun. This bill only makes a terrorist's job easier.

Terrorists want to hide their guns. If you're carrying a gun for protection or sport, it makes no sense to hide it.

There's absolutely no question we will be in more danger with passage of this bill, and the bill gives terrorists reason to cheer.

Carrying concealed weapons is not a right, for if it were, we wouldn't be having this debate. The Wisconsin Republicans are supporting terrorism with their vote for SB93, because it makes it easier for terrorists to carry weapons without question and more difficult to detect a terrorist. It's most likely not their intention, but that is what they've done.

All of the Republicans up for recall on July 12 voted for this bill. You can add this to your list of reasons why your senator should no longer serve in the Wisconsin Senate.

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