Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The People vs. Scott Walker - Capitol Rally Thursday at Noon

Most of us in Wisconsin are in uproar over the rash Supreme Court decision yesterday, and we're all wondering what can we do now? We must continue fighting and spreading the word, because we are making progress. The recall elections and the extremely close Supreme Court election are evidence of that. The Assembly is continuing to debate the budget today starting at 9am, and the Senate will likely begin debate Thursday. So it's time to come to the Capitol and make your voice heard!

The Wisconsin Wave is organizing a rally at the Capitol today from noon to 6:30pm in protest of the Walker budget. Several thousand protesters showed up at the Capitol yesterday, and the number of protesters is expected to grow as the week continues, especially now after the Supreme Court decision.

A major rally in protest of Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling and Walker's budget is being organized by We Are Wisconsin for Thursday at the Capitol. The rally, billed as The People vs. Scott Walker, will start at noon with marches at Walkerville on the Capitol Square. Then, a formal rally will begin at 5:30pm at the State St. corner. See We Are Wisconsin for more information.

Come make your voice heard!

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