Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walker Administration Says Convicted Felon Reflects What He's All About

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was planning to sign his radical budget in Green Bay this Sunday at a company whose CEO has been convicted of 8 counts of tax evasion. Walker's administration said that the company "reflects really what this budget and what Governor Walker's first term here is all about."

Exactly. Walker and the Republicans are all about the rich and powerful bending the rules for themselves and letting others' foot the bill. The company, Badger Sheet Metal Works, was hand-picked by the Walker administration, and they certainly picked the perfect company to trot out as an example of what their budget and policies are all about.

The irony hasn't evaded the local media, as even the Journal Sentinel is running a story (though with a completely unrelated story at the end about Democratic recall candidate Shelly Moore), and the Walker administration has moved the budget signing to another Green Bay company, Fox Valley Metal-Tech Inc.

The budget signing Sunday is still being closed to the public, as Walker doesn't want his photo-op ruined by truthful signs of protest. He'd rather the imagery make it appear as though he's working for Wisconsin's interests. Instead, protesters will be relegated to the other side of the street.

That hasn't stopped calls for protesters to come to Green Bay and show their support for Wisconsin education, beer and other ideals. In fact, while in the Fox Cities visiting my family and preparing to join the protest in Green Bay this Sunday, we received a phone call from an activist group asking us to join the protest. So, hopefully we can expect a good showing at the corporate photo-op.

It's time to rally the troops and head North!

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