Monday, November 5, 2012

No More Stolen Wisconsin Elections!

Wisconsin voting machines have probably already been compromised in previous elections, but there is no way to detect if a machine has been compromised (after the pre-election test). The Hand Count Votes Now! coalition has already found many issues with the Walker Recall election. So, we need to keep an eye out for irregularities in every election, particularly a big election like Tuesday's. 

VOTE if you haven't registered to vote yet. In Wisconsin, we can register on the same day we vote. It's super easy, just bring a utility bill or any number of proofs of residence, and it only takes a few extra minutes.

STAY in line if you arrived by the 8:00pm closing time. You can vote as long as you're in line by 8:00pm.

Do NOT tweet or post completed Wisconsin ballots! It's illegal!

The following are some things to watch out for when voting Tuesday.

Do NOT let anyone turn you away for not having an ID. You need proof of address, if you haven't registered to vote before today. Otherwise, just bring yourself.

Do NOT use a touch screen voting machine without a paper trail. They are only for use by disabled voters - not sure why they get the crap. However, voters have reported being instructed to use the wrong machines. If you don't vote on paper, your vote can't be recounted!

Do NOT approach or talk to "True the Vote" people. They are under instruction by their corporate overlords to suppress the vote at any cost. Anything they tell you should be considered a lie. Seek help from poll workers. Poll watchers are not allowed to talk to voters entering a polling site. They can only talk to you after you've voted.

To get involved in protecting elections in Wisconsin, see No More Stolen Elections! and the Wisconsin Wave hand count info.

Government Accountability Board voter information.

If you don't vote on paper, your vote can't be recounted!

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