Thursday, April 14, 2011

Milwaukee County Pledges To Finish Canvass Friday

According to WisPolitics, Milwaukee County, the last county in Wisconsin that hasn't completed their canvass, has pledged to finish tomorrow. Today, the Wisconsin Democrats announced that they have asked the Government Accountability Board to investigate the Waukesha County vote totals from the 2006 election as well, and Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus has yet to give us a clear explanation of what occurred in her county last week. The latest vote count from Waukesha County must not be considered official until the public knows exactly what happened.

We must have clarification from Kathy Nickolaus before any recount or investigation. Why spend more tax payer money to try to find answers when it's Nickolaus's duty to provide us with them now? If she doesn't fulfill her duty before a recount must be considered by a candidate, Nickolaus must resign because we'll never be able to trust her or her competence for that office.

The latest vote counts can be found here. Many of the important issues in Waukesha County may be swept under the table once Milwaukee County finishes their canvass. So, it's vitally important that we demand answers now and express our doubts with the vote counts from Waukesha County. It's our duty as citizens of Wisconsin.

Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites have already signed a petition for a bipartisan investigation into the vote counts in Waukesha County started by One Wisconsin Now. I urge you to add your name to the petition here and tell your friends and family about our request for a bipartisan and impartial investigation.

I implore you to help fix the issues with the election system in Waukesha County, and Wisconsin as a whole, by demanding clarification. Here are some easy and effective ways to help get that clarification.

We must demand real solutions to problems with our election systems. Unlike pseudo-solutions such as the Voter Distraction Bill (Senate Bill 6), which requires an ID to vote and only seeks to stifle valid registered voters, there are solutions that would actually improve our elections.

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