Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walker May Really Be Planning Wisconsin Financial Stress Test Legislation

Rick Ungar from Forbes, who has previously reported on the possibility of Walker and the Republicans introducing financial stress test legislation similar to the law in Michigan, has written a new article on the topic called "What Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Not Telling Us About Financial Stress Test Legislation?" I'm really not on a hunt for "dirt." I refrained from posting anything on this until now. Because I wasn't sure how much there was behind the discussions on the topic, I didn't want to add nothing to what others had already done well covering.

One of the new revelations is that Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald allegedly discussed speculation on who leaked the information. If that allegation is true, it means the Republicans have been planning to introduce a financial stress test similar to the law in Michigan. There are other revelations as well, and I suggest reading the article for yourself.

Ed Garvey has also written on the topic on his blog Fighting Bob.

Walker needs to be asked directly what he thinks of such a law and whether he would veto such a law. That should hopefully stop this in its tracks.

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