Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea Party Significantly Waning - Madison Not Only Evidence

Rachel Maddow did a great report Monday on the Tea Party tax day rallies across the country this past weekend, including Sarah Palin's visit to Madison. Madison was the host of the largest Tea Party rally in the country, but only because there were so many counter-protesters surrounding them. The rest of the Tea Party rallies attracted far fewer people. In fact, many places reported significantly less Tea Party supporters than in past years. Compare that with the many times that over 100,000 people came to the Capitol to protest Scott Walker, and it becomes easy to see where Wisconsin stands.

The Republicans want us to think that they're controlled by a mass of Tea Party supporters. This way they don't have to take responsibility for their ridiculous ideas and statements, but it looks like the number of people within the Tea Party is significantly dwindling (if it was ever that large). These Tea Party rallies are annual events that are planned long in advance, and there's nothing bigger for the Tea Party than tax day.

It's time for our Republicans to start listening to the people of Wisconsin, not the few in the Koch brothers-sponsored Tea Party!

Also, you may be interested to know that Prosser plans to "vigorously" prevent a recount, even though the campaign previously stated they were open to a recount. The results of the Supreme Court election clearly don't reflect the views of Wisconsin, and if we are to have open and transparent elections we must know exactly what happened in Waukesha County.


  1. So if the Prosser forces fight a recount, even though the law mandates it at this level of vote separation (less than half a percent), and a legal fight proceeds all the way to the state Supreme Court, do you think Prosser would recuse himself? Maybe not, because that might be seen by Prosser as Prosser shirking his duty to help re-elect Prosser.

  2. rlegro: I'm not certain, but I think Prosser would have to recuse himself. The conflict of interest would be obvious, but I have no idea who would have authority to get involved if he wouldn't recuse himself.