Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scott Walker Says He's Progressive

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told the U.S. Congress today that his policies are "progressive in the best sense of the word." I think the progressive Republican "Fighting Bob" La Follette just jumped out of his grave! Scott Walker needs a history lesson, maybe he should have stayed in school.

Example one: the collective bargaining rights-stripping bill.

Example two: the budget proposal.

Example three: the Voter Distraction Bill (Senate Bill 6).

Why not email Scott Walker and tell him how progressive you think his policies are:

Update: (April 20, 3:11pm) I said Walker needs a history lesson regarding Wisconsin's progressive tradition, and John Nichols has written a great one in The CapTimes. Walker's been known to read editorials by Nichols, so he may have gotten his history lesson.

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