Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kloppenburg Ahead In AP Results of Wisconsin State Supreme Court Election

The AP has Kloppenburg ahead by 369 votes with only 5 precincts left to count! This puts the AP's numbers in line with mine.

The gap may shrink when all votes are counted. It looks like Milwaukee county is still missing two precincts as well as one each from Jefferson, Juneau and Taylor counties.

I'm still calling the election for Kloppenburg, but I'm no real authority on the matter.

Update: (10:07am) The lead has now grown to 447 votes, though the reported number of precincts hasn't changed.

Update: (10:14am) The AP results have changed again, though the number of precincts reporting hasn't. The Kloppenburg lead is now at 311 votes.

Update: (10:32am) No change in the number of precincts, but lead is now at 309 votes for Kloppenburg. I have to join the real world for a bit, but I'll be back at about 12:30pm with any updates.

Update: (12:38pm) All but one precinct has reported state-wide, that being in Jefferson county. Kloppenburg retains a lead of 235 votes. No one has called the election that I know of, but I'm not too sure Prosser has 235 extra votes in that one ward. CapTimes is reporting that Prosser gained only 2 votes from that ward, giving Kloppenburg the win with 233 votes.

Update: (1:17pm) One Jefferson ward still unreported, but Kloppenburg's lead has grown to 336 votes according to the AP. So, minus the 2 votes for Prosser in that ward reported by CapTimes, Kloppenburg has won by 334 votes. It's not looking good for the Prosser campaign.

Update: (1:26pm) Lake Mills, the missing Jefferson ward, has completed their count with 2 outstanding votes for Prosser. The results from the AP continue to fluctuate often. They're currently at 206 for Kloppenburg, giving her the win with 204 votes once Lake Mills is included.

Contrary to Walker's statements, this election is not proof of how divided the state is for two reasons. The first, Prosser is an incumbent, which rarely loses their seat, and Kloppenburg had very little name recognition before February. In fact, before February, Prosser was widely expected to win. The second, the amount of money spent in support of Prosser far out-weighed the money spent in support of Kloppenburg. The fact that this election is so evenly split shows just how energized the electorate is against Walker. The polls have consistently shown that the overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites don't support Walker's plans. With over 3 million registered voters in Wisconsin, this election of under 1.5 million voters included only a small section of the state and can't be extrapolated to the entire state as easily as polls may be.

Update: (2:20pm) The AP has Kloppenburg winning with 204 votes and 100% reporting. It doesn't appear as though a call has been made.

Update: (2:31pm) According to WisPolitics, the AP doesn't plan on calling the race with the unofficial results so close. They're also verifying the numbers from Fox Point.

Update: (2:50pm) The final tally from the AP has Kloppenburg winning by 204 votes. That's as official as it sounds like we'll get until possibly May.

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