Monday, June 4, 2012

With Scott Walker Target in John Doe, a Governor Kleefisch Becomes Much More Likely

With Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a target of the FBI John Doe investigation, it's becoming more and more likely that Walker will be charged with campaign finance or election fraud. If Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch survive the recall and Walker resigns over Walkergate, we'll have a Governor Rebecca Kleefisch on our hands and Wisconsin will really be in trouble.

We knew that Walker was either breaking the law, or he's been lying to us and he's under investigation. It's much more likely that he's under investigation by the FBI in their John Doe probe, and the reporting by David Shuster confirmed it. Scott Walker is John Doe.
"According to government lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a 'target' of the investigation."
With so many close associates charged, a secret email network operating feet from his office, Walker's secrecy and refusal to release any information that could exonerate him, there's a good chance Walker was aware of the corruption, if not involved. And Walker doesn't seem very confident in the evidence in his favor. Since Walker is under investigation, it's very likely he'll be indicted and resign, especially in an investigation that has already resulted in more than a handful of closely-associated suspected felons, two convictions, and thirteen grants of immunity. The FBI doesn't investigate just anyone, which is why Walker hasn't been truthful about his involvement in the investigation and his criminal defense fund.

Rebecca Kleefisch will be far worse for Wisconsin than Scott Walker. She's in bed with ALEC, just as ideologically stubborn and even further to the right. Kleefisch would eliminate embryonic stem cell research in Wisconsin, a huge financial driver and achievement of this state. Kleefisch is anti-abortion in all cases, even rape and incest, and she pushed heavily for the abstinence-only bill. She also believes Rick Santorum's "man-on-dog" theory that gay marriage is equivalent to people marrying animals.

Kleefisch's lack of professionalism and intellect is appalling. Her YouTube channel is so hilarious and unbelievable that she named it RebeccaForReal, and her husband is "the man who votes three times."

If we don't remove Rebecca Kleefisch, Wisconsin could likely and very easily end up with a Governor Kleefisch and some really idiotic and damaging laws. If Walker survives the recall, no matter by how many votes, you know he'll be championing his "mandate." Kleefisch will feel empowered by the same "mandate" if Walker resigns his office to her.

But there's just no way, unless everything really comes down to a few votes, that we elect Mahlon Mitchell but not Tom Barrett. So, we must ensure anyone who stands with Wisconsin or who doesn't want the possibility of a Governor Kleefisch gets out to vote. We'll likely end up with a Governor Kleefisch if we don't remove Walker.

The far-right will win whether Walker is indicted or not, as long as Walker survives the recall, and life under a Governor Kleefisch will be far worse.

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