Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Milwaukee Runs Out of Ballots and Forms With Voters Waiting In Line

The polls closed over an hour ago in the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Twitter is a frenzy with people still waiting to vote in Milwaukee and Madison. The Journal Sentinel is reporting that some polling precincts have run out and are running out of ballots and forms while people are still waiting in line to vote.

Reporters called the race with about 20% reporting, and some in line left without voting. The Government Accountability Board has confirmed it, "We hear some news media in the Milwaukee area have been interviewing voters who are still waiting in line to vote at some polling places." This could amount to election tampering, and we all know about the far-right corporate media in Wisconsin. GAB director Kevin Kennedy called it "illegal and totally inappropriate."

If you're waiting in line to vote, DON'T LEAVE. This election could turn!

Barrett is not conceding while people are still voting.

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