Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Live Wisconsin Governor Recall Election Results

Many organizations have live recall election results between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett as well as the other recall elections.

The Journal Sentinel has a nice page with county map for the governor race here and for the rest of the races here.

The Huffington Post has an awesome interactive map here.

The results with 1% in are way too close to call with Mahlon Mitchell leading with 62% and Walker leading with 54%.

Update: 9:36pm Twitter is a frenzy with people who are still in line to vote in Milwaukee and Madison. Milwaukee has run out of ballots and forms in some places. There's also accounts of reporters telling some people waiting in line that Walker had won and those voters left without voting, and the Government Accountability Board has confirmed it, "We hear some news media in the Milwaukee area have been interviewing voters who are still waiting in line to vote at some polling places." GAB director Kevin Kennedy called it "illegal and totally inappropriate."

If you're waiting in line to vote, DON'T LEAVE. This election could turn!

Barrett is not conceding while people are still voting.

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