Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conservatives Flooding Polls in Milwaukee Suburbs for Walker

WTMJ 620 has been reporting radically high turnout throughout the conservative Milwaukee suburbs, including the stronghold Waukesha County. Many conservative callers tell how they brought a new voter. It was the lack of turnout within Milwaukee and the very high turnout in the suburbs that won the Wisconsin governorship for Scott Walker in 2010.

Please make sure you get everyone you can to the polls. We can't let the rich in the Milwaukee suburbs take this historic day away from us!

WHBY 1150 is reporting very high turnout, "75 percent-ish," in the Fox Valley, another heavily conservative area.

Don't get down by long lines, and most of all DON'T leave without voting! The lines are moving much more quickly than usual because most areas in Wisconsin only have 2 races and the rest have 3, much less than normal elections. You only need a bill with your name and current address to register to vote. If you're registered, you just need yourself. Polling place lookup and other information can be found on WisconsinVote.org.

We could easily end up with a Governor Kleefisch if we don't recall Walker.

From @unitedwisconsin: If you were turned away in Deerfield, GO BACK. The Government Accountability Board has intervened.

From @leftpalm: Turned away from COA GoldenCenter @ 2320 W Burleigh, #Milwaukee 4no ID? Goback. #ACLU helping.

If you have any problems at the polls, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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