Thursday, April 7, 2011

Winnebago County Website Reports +244 Votes for Prosser

According to the Journal Sentinel, Winnebago County has updated their vote totals on their website for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, giving Prosser 244 more votes, and the possible lead state-wide with 40 votes. However, it appears the county hasn't told anyone, and the AP is trying to reach the county clerk who is busy with the canvass. The AP "became aware of the discrepancy in the past hour" according to the Journal Sentinel at 2:18pm. There's an odd discrepency in the Journal Sentinel article, too. They say the county adjusted its figures at 2:27pm, but the article itself says it was last updated at 2:18pm.

If this is true, why is there no announcement? That's quite a few more votes, why were they missing for so long, and how were they found?

Isn't there an official process for announcing a change in vote after the initial tally, especially when it affects the results, besides simply posting new numbers on a website?

I'm not convinced yet.

Update: (3:17pm) Neither is the AP which as of 3:17pm, hasn't updated their totals here.

This just reminded me of the administration posting the collective bargaining bill on their website and calling it law.

Update: (3:23pm) No news on Winnebago county, but according to this Journal Sentinel article, Prosser "picked up 200 votes in New Berlin after a clerical error was discovered." Now, that's the way a change in vote should be announced. So it's now a 4 vote lead for Kloppenburg.

Update: (3:42pm) It looks like the Journal Sentinel is now using this article to report the numbers in Winnebago county, though there's still no new news in that regard. They do mention that Kloppenburg picked up a vote in Pepin County and that we should expect more changes in tallies.

Update: (4:18pm) I'm not sure if I should start another thread, or if I should even bother with all of the changes, but there's more tally changes. No news from Winnebago County, though. The WisPolitics election blog has many changes in favor of Kloppenburg. She gains a total of 277 votes from Grant, Portage, Door, Iowa and Rusk counties. So, we can confirm that Kloppenburg has a lead of 281 votes.

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