Thursday, April 7, 2011

Latest Wisconsin Supreme Court Counts Increase Kloppenburg's Lead

After the official canvasses today, the vote counts from many counties have changed, but Kloppenburg retains and increases her lead to 567 votes.

The AP results had Kloppenburg winning by 204 votes, and that's what we started with this morning.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Kloppenburg lost 200 votes in New Berlin, as well as losing 60 votes in Kenosha. The Journal Sentinel also claims that Kloppenburg lost 244 votes in Winnebago County. However, none of these canvass boards have completed their official count, and thus can't be confirmed.

According to the WisPolitics election blog, Kloppenburg gained a total of 363 votes from Grant, Portage, Door, Iowa, Rusk, Vernon and Shawano counties. These counties have completed their official count.

So, of the counties that have an official count, Kloppenburg gained 363 votes for a total of 567. Although, she may potentially lose 444 votes, she will retain her lead.

Oddly, the Journal Sentinel's front page website has run the headline "Latest vote counts give edge to Prosser" since at least 3:08pm. This, even though the unofficial numbers they're using don't support their claim.

Shame on the Journal Sentinel for reporting rumors as truth, that's what blogs are for :) Really, I put a lot of effort into to trying to present the facts and not rush to conclusions, but in the end it's not my job, it's theirs.

I'll update this post if more changes come in today.

Updated: (5:00pm) Just minor edits, but I want to note that the Journal Sentinel headline "Latest vote counts give edge to Prosser" still stands on their front page as the top headline.

WisPolitics reports that Waukesha County may be missing votes from Brookfield, which would put Prosser far in the lead by about 7,000 votes. A press conference is scheduled for 5:30pm.

Update: (5:14pm) The Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus declined recommendations to improve election security in her office earlier this year. Something doesn't smell right, and the Journal Sentinel caught wind.

What else smells fishy is the release of this information right before the evening news. How did no one notice that they were missing these numbers, and why did it take so long to figure out? Is Nickolaus just hoping that it'll hit the news before anyone can look into the discrepancy?

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