Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Continuing Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Results - Kloppenburg Ahead

Currently, Prosser, the incumbent who had millions in out-of-state corporate support, is amazingly behind by 3,102 votes!  This, with 59% of the state and what appears to be less than 1% of Madison precincts reporting.  I heard on WPR that Brown County is 100% reported. So, I would expect Kloppenburg's lead to increase when the votes from Madison are counted.

With the news stations about to end their coverage of the election results and many races still too-close-to-call, I thought I'd share a few sources for continuing election results. The Madison TV news station WKOW has an auto-updating feed of the latest results here. For Northeast Wisconsin, WBAY has a feed of the latest local results here. The WPR Ideas Network is continuing their live radio coverage, which can be heard on 90.7 FM in many Wisconsin areas and is also available online here.

Updated: WPR has ended their coverage. La Crosse's WXOW has local election results here. Eau Claire's WQOW has local election results here. Milwaukee's WTMJ has election results here, these also appear to be consistently the latest numbers for the Supreme Court race.

Updated: (11:12pm) Well, it looks like Madison's numbers have come in and made an impact. With 84% reporting, Kloppenburg is now up by nearly 34,000. This gap will be difficult for Prosser to overcome, given that it looks like the major conservative counties in Milwaukee have nearly all been counted.

Updated: (11:22pm) The gap has been closed to just over 3,000 with 90% reporting according to WTMJ's numbers. Depending upon how close this election is, this may not be over tonight.

Update: (11:31pm) Prosser up by 399 with 93% reporting. It looks like Racine County is the only Milwaukee area left to report. The Madison precinct report percentages from WKOW appear to be incorrect, still saying 0%. So it's difficult to tell if Madison is fully reported. This is definitely turning out to be very close.

The Citizens United referendums in both Madison and Dane County passed overwhelmingly.

While you're waiting, watch this entertaining video of the zombie march to the Capitol this weekend posted on Democurmudgeon.

Update: (11:44pm) Prosser up by 1,915 with 97% reporting. Racine and Milwaukee County still not fully reporting according to the numbers in other local elections provided by WTMJ. Paul Soglin is the new mayor of Madison, again, according to WKOW. Chris Abele has won Scott Walker's old position by a large margin of 60-40.

Update: (11:56pm) The gap is not widening. Still 97% reporting, but now Prosser up by 1,183. It all comes down to the few precincts that haven't reported, but it doesn't look like this will be anything but very close. Milwaukee and Racine County numbers have been unchanged with 99% and 84% reporting in the respective County Executive races.

Update: (11:59pm) Large update in numbers, still 97% reporting. Prosser up by 4,671. Milwaukee County looks to be fully reporting now, but Racine County is unchanged.

Update: (12:01am) Still 97% reporting state-wide, but Prosser lead down to 2,415. Still only 84% reporting for Racine County Executive. Unfortunately, no matter who wins I don't think Wisconsin needs such a close election.

Update: (12:14am) Still 97% reporting state-wide, but Prosser lead down to 1,684. Still only 84% reporting for Racine County Executive according to WTMJ. You can view more updated results from Racine County on their website, and it looks like the missing precincts from WTMJ, e.g. Mt. Pleasant, are slightly in favor of Prosser.

Update: (12:25am) No change in the results. I found what appears to be the AP feed of the Wisconsin Supreme Court election results, which is what I believe all the news stations are using for their numbers. It also includes the number of precincts reporting by county. So we can see that Racine County is not missing from their numbers. One precinct from Dane is missing, as well as 12 from Milwaukee County.

Update: (12:39am) There's been no change in the numbers according to the AP since I last saw at 12:14am. As an example of how close this election is, of the 15 counties with missing precincts, 8 of them have been favoring Prosser and 7 have been favoring Kloppenburg.

Update: (12:52am) Prosser increased his lead to 1,906 votes with 98% reporting state-wide. I miscounted my counties before, there were actually 8 counties with missing precincts favoring each candidate. Now, there's still 8 counties who have been favoring Kloppenburg with missing precincts, while only 5 who have been favoring Prosser.

Update: (12:59am) Prosser up by 1,878 votes with 98% reporting. Only 2 counties, Taylor and Jefferson, favoring Prosser with missing precincts, but 8 counties favoring Kloppenburg. This may be the last time I report Prosser in the lead.

Update: (1:19am) Prosser's lead has diminished to just 585 votes with 99% of precincts reporting. Talyor and Jefferson still aren't fully reported. The 6 counties that have been favoring Kloppenburg and are still left to fully report are Ashland, Crawford, Dane, Dunn, Milwaukee, and Sauk. CapTimes reports Kloppenburg about to speak.

Update: (1:51am) No change in the numbers. According to WTMJ, Prosser has spoken and has said that he has "little doubt there's going to be a recount, no matter who comes out on top."

Update: (2:09am) CapTimes reports that the AP has gone to sleep. So, it's up to us to tally the votes using the various county websites. The AP totals for Crawford match the totals on their website, so they seem to be fully reported. With the rest of Dunn County's votes, Prosser has a lead of 171 votes. That leaves Jefferson and Talyor counties favoring Prosser and Ashland, Milwaukee and Sauk counties favoring Kloppenburg with votes left to tally. Jefferson and Talyor are only missing one precinct, which may be absentee ballots, which is supposedly what's missing from Milwaukee county. Ashland, Milwaukee, and Sauk counties are missing many precincts.

Update: (2:17am) According to CapTimes, we can add 185 votes for Kloppenburg from Ashland, giving Kloppenburg the lead with 14 votes.

Update: (2:26am) The 185 votes from Ashland were already in the numbers from CapTimes. To clarify, the AP is missing 229 Kloppenburg votes from the final Dunn County tally and 185 Kloppenburg votes from Ashland County, a total of 414 votes. So Prosser retains a lead of 171 votes after taking the 414 votes from his 585 vote lead. There's still 3 wards in Ashland not counted in those numbers.

Update: (2:50am) Well, it doesn't look like we'll get any more information tonight. No more of the counties with missing precincts appear to have election results on their website. With 26 precincts left to tally, only 2 from counties favoring Prosser, my guess is that Kloppenburg will be declared the winner tomorrow. I'm going to go out on a limb and call the election for Kloppenburg, though I'm no real authority on this matter.

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