Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WI Fire Fighters Say Cut Our Pay, Keep Others' Rights

In true Wisconsin fashion, the fire fighters have been standing with the citizens of Wisconsin since the beginning of the protests. Anywhere the fire fighters walk around the Capitol they walk into cheers, and rightfully so. The fire fighters are not under attack by Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, but they have been standing in solidarity with other Wisconsinites to oppose the stripping of collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin workers.

Now, the fire fighters have taken a much greater step in the effort to save the rights of Wisconsin workers by agreeing to reduce their pay. According to WisPolitics, the President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin said if Walker needs the money to save other employees' rights, they would include themselves in the budget repair bill's financial concessions.

Wow! Everyone who opposes this bill thanks you and the rest of the fire fighters with ever greater appreciation.

I think many police officers may be included in this concession, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, please tell. I'm sure they would be if they aren't currently, and we thank you, too.

Update: As a reader pointed out, and should have been evident to me, there is no reason for the fire fighters to make any concessions because the other public employees have already agreed to do so. Money is not the issue that stops the passage of Walker's budget repair bill. Still, thanks go out to those workers who would voluntarily take concessions to save others' rights.

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