Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Protesters Not From Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's "fireside chat" tonight, Walker said that the protesters are increasingly from out-of-state, as if to say very few protesters are Wisconsin citizens.

Has he looked outside? I'd like to think the Badgers are that popular, but I highly doubt all of that red is from out-of-state.

Does he talk to the people? Anyone walking around the Capitol during the protests talking to the people around them would know nearly everyone is from Wisconsin. I haven't met a person from out-of-state yet, though I have seen them as they were speakers and entertainers.

Does he read the signs? Most of the personally constructed signs I've seen were easy to recognize as Wisconsin-made from what the signs said. Many of the people at the Capitol are local firefighters, teachers, street workers, students, and other concerned citizens.

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