Thursday, February 24, 2011

WI Dems' Budget Saves $11 Million and Unions

The Wisconsin Assembly Democrats introduced an alternative to Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill that removes all policy items from the bill and saves $11 million more than Walker's bill.

The full details of the alternative, including the Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo showing the savings, are on the WisPolitics Budget Blog.

As another show of what this budget repair bill is about, GOP leader Fitzgerald said the Republicans won't vote for the money-saving alternative. The bill would save $11 million more than their bill at a time when everyone agrees we need to save money. However, for some reason this alternative, which saves more money, is somehow not as good. I would like a little explanation, please.

Update: The alternative bill failed on a party-line vote, but the vote has been expunged so that legislators have more time to consider the bill and vote on it again later.

This is the time to contact your representative to tell them how you feel.

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