Thursday, February 24, 2011

WI Gov. Scott Walker Possibly Violating Ethics

John Nichols from the Nation and CapTimes announced tonight on MSNBC's The Ed Show that many of the things Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in his prank call conversation are being investigated for potential ethics violations. The questions revolve around the relationship between Walker and the Koch brothers. Nichols says we should expect to hear more tomorrow.

According to Nichols, Wisconsin has some of the strictest ethics laws.

I'll post a link to the video when it's posted to MSNBC's website.

Update: I happened to catch the end of the story on a repeat of the show. Now that I've been able to re-watch it, I can add some more information.

The Koch brothers quietly setup a lobbying office in Madison last month.

According to Nichols, former WI AG Peg Lautenschlager "found what she determines to be multiple ethics, election law, and labor law violations, and she will tomorrow morning suggest that the state government accountability board begin to review those ethics violations."

Nichols continues, "The government accountability board is an independent, non-partisan board...without any Republican or Democratic control." In response to whether an investigation will occur Nichols said, "If an ethics complaint is filed they must begin the investigation. The Governor has said things that clearly cross ethical, election law, and labor law lines and must be investigated."

One of the statements in question is Walker's response to the faux David Koch's mention of "vested interest."

KOCH:  Absolutely and you know we have a little bit of vested interest as well.  Ha, ha.  
WALKER:  Well, that’s just it.

The previous post on the prank call highlights other causes for concern.

Update: Nichols may have spoken too soon. The GAB will not investigate ethics violations at this time.

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