Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Law Enforcement Thanks Protesters for Peaceful Protests

With crowds estimated to be well over 60,000 at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison on Saturday, and the first large gathering of budget repair bill supporters, people questioned if the protests would remain peaceful. However, many protesters were carrying signs reminding everyone, "This is a peaceful protest." Even though some people were scared, angry, or worried, and tensions were high, both sides remained peaceful.

The police who were protecting those in and around the Capitol helped in the effort by setting up buffers between the two sides of the debate and escorting the substantially smaller crowd of bill supporters in and out of the Capitol. Many protesters could be seen and overheard thanking the police for their work, and now the police have publicly thanked the protesters for their efforts.

Thanks to protesters on both sides for keeping this debate civil, and thanks to law enforcement for enabling everyone to take part in this debate.

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