Monday, February 28, 2011

Capitol Locked Down

According to WisPolitics, no protesters are being let into the Capitol building until those who stayed the night leave. After last evening's events, this is clearly a political stunt. Everyone hold tight, if it's like any of Walker's other stunts it'll be over before you know it.

This only makes sense if they're planning to fully lock the Capitol building from all protesters when the remaining protesters leave. Otherwise, why make the 50 or so left in the building leave only to allow hundreds if not thousands to enter upon their exit?

Update: I got this wrong. The press release from the DOA says that there are several people inside the building who aren't following police direction to move to a designated area. It is until then that no more protesters will be allowed into the building. I'm still not sure why they decided to use such extreme measures. Public hearings have been scheduled but will have to be postponed if the public is not allowed to enter.

Update (2): This still smells fishy. I'm starting to think this is a tactic to make the protesters look bad. Walker may think the news reports will focus on the protesters as the reason for the Capitol building lock-down. I'm not sure what's going on inside, but unless there's a major strategic win by not moving, I would recommend the protesters inside follow the police requests. Keep the negative publicity focused intently where it should be.

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