Monday, May 9, 2011

Scott Walker's Insecurity and Dangerous Contradiction

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is so afraid of his fellow Wisconsinites that he continues to make us pay for beefed up security around the Capital. The Journal Sentinel reports that the extra security costs around the Capital are about to exceed $6 million. At the same time, Walker is hoping to quickly sign a bill into law legalizing concealed weapons before the recall elections this summer. For someone who cares so much about his own security, he sure doesn't care much about ours.

Unbelievably, the bill will allow anyone in Wisconsin to carry a concealed weapon without training, a permit or a background check. Do we have such short memories that we forget the recent shooting in Arizona which nearly killed Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords?

Why do we need to be able to carry weapons concealed? There is absolutely no benefit out of it. We have the right to own a gun, but we don't have a right to sneak around with it. No one besides law enforcement should have the privilege to carry a concealed weapon. Especially in Wisconsin, when you don't know just how drunk the guy next to you could be.

Do we have such short memories that we forget the two stabbings on Mifflin Street last weekend? Does anyone think that concealed weapons will decrease the chance of that occurring again?

The contradiction was even more apparent when I found the two articles right next to each other on the Journal Sentinel home page. Walker, if you're so afraid of us now, how afraid will you be when we can sneak an AK-47 around you just about anywhere*? Will we have to pay even more for Walker to feel safe among us? I know that I'll personally feel less safe if they legalize concealed weapons. Walker, you want beefed up security for yourself, but you want to decrease the security of every Wisconsinite. That's a dangerous contradiction for the people of Wisconsin.

It's not like this bill saves any money or creates any jobs.

Instead of trying to cram your extreme agenda down our throats, could you please start working on creating jobs like you said was your top priority?

*I am in no way saying that I condone violence against anyone, nor am I saying that anyone should be violent towards any of our representatives. Please, protest with your mouth, not your weapons. However, the point needs to be made that if Walker feels insecure now, he can only feel less safe if he signs this bill into law.

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