Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kloppenburg Gains 148 Votes In Recount

Kloppenburg has gained 148 votes in the recount so far, but few people know it. There's been very little media coverage of the recount for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Which is odd given all of the issues, some potentially very serious, seen thus far. How are we the people of Wisconsin supposed to know everything has been handled correctly? The GAB hasn't specifically addressed any of the issues seen thus far, and no one seems to be asking them to.

Some people may want the media to stay silent, because they'd like us to continue feeling a false sense of security, but we already know how fragile our elections are. Now more issues have been exposed, and the GAB continues to stay silent?

Hopefully, Waukesha County isn't an indicator of how messed up our elections are in other counties, but I wonder how it couldn't be.

Thanks to Giles Goat Boy at DailyKos for watching the Waukesha County recount live stream so carefully and keeping us all up to date!

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