Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Governor Scott Walker Still Lying To Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker is still lying to Wisconsin about collective bargaining rights. Walker is still telling Wisconsinites that he needs to strip rights from public workers to save money, even though he told the U.S. Congress under oath that doing so "doesn't save any." I guess Walker doesn't have a problem with lying to us if he thinks he can get his way. I'd like to know how these actions mesh with his Christian faith.

Walker is now at least the second Republican to say they plan to add the collective bargaining rights-stripping bill to the budget if they don't get their way in the courts. Apparently, recalling six Republican senators hasn't shown them how much Wisconsin despises their plan. The Republicans are definitely testing the waters, and we should be sure to tell our representatives how we feel before something gets introduced.

The Republicans have wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to force this ideological crap on us. How much more will they spend of our hard-earned money before they stop trying to take people's rights away?

Oh, and Walker thinks he can survive a recall election, too. He's dreaming if he thinks he can keep acting like this and still be our Governor a year from now. I'd say that I'd like to see him try, but I'd rather see him work with the people of Wisconsin to find real solutions to our problems.

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