Friday, May 13, 2011

Late Night Voter Suppression - Wisconsin Assembly Passes Voter Suppression Bill to Senate

Late Wednesday night, Republicans* in the Wisconsin Assembly passed the Voter Suppression Bill in order to decrease the number of Democratic voters in future elections, particularly the upcoming recall elections, as well as make all of our lives more difficult. Ya, another vote under the cover of night (just after 11pm). The Republicans sure want us to pay for this expensive piece of crap! Just like the collective bargaining rights-stripping bill, no matter what it takes to hurt the people of Wisconsin.

It was clear from the start that Assembly Bill 7 was created simply to suppress Wisconsin voters, particularly those who tend to vote against Republicans. This is because Republicans tend to vote against their interests, and now the Republicans have codified that policy. In fact, homeless Wisconsin citizens will never be able to vote again in Wisconsin according to Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca.

Not only that, but the Voter Suppression Bill will likely cost annually 2-3 times as much as the current recount in the Supreme Court election or more, at least $3 million. It also won't solve any real problems, because voter fraud isn't a problem in Wisconsin. It would take a massive conspiracy for voter fraud to swing an election. So Republicans want us to spend millions of dollars a year to make it easier for them to win elections, but they won't fix our computer election systems where Republicans like Kathy Nickolaus (or anyone else for that matter) can manipulate thousands of votes in seconds**!

The Republicans in the Senate are expected to pass the bill next Tuesday.

This is just disgraceful. These people should be ashamed to call themselves Wisconsinites. If their constituents believe that we need to show ID to vote in order to have fair elections, it's because they haven't been telling their constituents the facts.

I'm calling foul on the Republicans for trying to tamper with Wisconsin elections!

The Supreme Court election is one, if only for slamming Kloppenburg for requesting a recount that, if positions were reversed, they would be asking Prosser to request. The recall elections are the next.

Something must be done to stop these radicals from taking control of Wisconsin!

Please join us for the massive rally at the Capital this Saturday in protest of such extreme-right policies as this.

*Oddly, Democrat Representatives Margaret Krusick and Tony Staskunas voted for the Voter Suppression Bill. Their constituents need to ask them, since voter fraud isn't an issue (unless you believe in conspiracy theories), why did you vote to spend millions of dollars to reduce the number of voters in Wisconsin and make all of our lives more difficult?

If you didn't catch that, Rep. Krusick's email is and Rep. Staskunas's email is I encourage you to make your voice heard now before it's needlessly taken away or made more difficult at the polls.

**This is no joke. Not only do our computer vote counting machines rarely count the actual number of votes (we aren't told exactly how rarely), but they can easily be manipulated to do whatever someone wants, including play Pac-Man. No computer security expert questions these statements, and a world-renowned expert, Bruce Schneier, has written much on the topic. It doesn't take a conspiracy to swing an election with computer election equipment.

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