Friday, May 25, 2012

Tonight is the First Scott Walker Recall Debate

If you didn't already know, tonight at 8pm, Scott Walker and Tom Barrett will face off in the first of two debates. Just about every local affiliate of the big four (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) should carry the debate.

It should be interesting.

What might be some good talking points for Barrett?
And that's just getting started.

Vote for your economic interests and your neighbors'. Vote Tom Barrett. Early voting has already begun.

Update: The debate is NOT on Wisconsin Eye as I had previously stated.


  1. The job numbers aren't "unverifiable". They are the actual numbers from real employers. Barrett's numbers are from a poll consisting of 3.5% of businesses, and what they FORECAST to be their employment rate.
    Are we really going to demand Walker answer to a statement he made DURING AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN regarding the meaning of "divide and conquer"?
    Oh well, just another demonstration of public union employees and Wisconsin Democrats looking like idiots.
    Why weren't you having kittens when Obama said "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun"?, or, "We have to punish our enemies and reward our friends"?
    What a bunch of hypocrites.
    Walker is going to win, and I can't wait to see all of you union moonbats have meltdowns.
    The ER will be full of your people needing psychotropic drugs.

    1. Your attitude, vitriol and lack of clear thought shows just how incorrect you are and how angry you people are at your wrongness. Where did I mention Obama? I'm using verifiable facts. Where are yours?

  2. Oh, and this website a "place for open, honest debate", is a joke. You really think Wisconsinites are stupid, don't you?

    1. Walker's numbers haven't been verified. "Barrett's numbers," otherwise known as the only official and verifiable numbers known to man. That's exactly what this place is, bring your facts, as I did with links to verifiable sources.