Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final Scott Walker Recall Debate Tonight

The final debate between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Tom Barrett before Walker's recall election next Tuesday is live tonight at 9pm. The live coverage of this debate is despicable. If you're in Milwaukee, you can watch the debate live on TV channel 12 WISN. If you're not in Milwaukee, which just happens to be the majority of Wisconsin, you can watch it live online at or

After the first debate, Walker has a lot of questions to answer. Barrett answered questions in plain English with no spin. Walker evaded just about every question he could, and when he couldn't, he lied. Will WISN act like the fourth estate, or will they forget about the follow-up question like the journalists for the rest of the far-right media in Wisconsin?

Will Wisconsin finally get some questions answered, or will Walker continue to lie about some of the most critical questions surrounding his governorship?
  • Why did Scott Walker strip collective bargaining rights from public employees when the definition of bargaining excludes the dictatorship Walker assigns unions, and the same amount of money could have been saved through the true difficult task of actually negotiating?
  • Why didn't Scott Walker even try to negotiate with the unions who publicly conceded all of the financial cuts Walker desired?
  • What did Scott Walker know about the corruption surrounding him, and when did he know it?
  • How is Scott Walker legally using a criminal defense fund if he is not under investigation and why?
  • Who is donating to Scott Walker's criminal defense fund?
  • How much time has Scott Walker spent out-of-state fundraising and building his national image?
  • Why didn't Scott Walker tell the public his plans to "divide and conquer" the unions instead of lying and saying he would negotiate with unions during his campaign?
  • Why couldn't Scott Walker support the Wisconsin Way Mining Reform Act, which would have created the promised jobs and would have been passed to his desk if the Republicans allowed a vote?
  • What emails did Scott Walker send in reference to the illegal campaigning and fundraising?
  • Why didn't Scott Walker pass any real jobs legislation instead of focusing on his far-right wishlist of union busting and attacks on women and minorities?
  • What was Scott Walker's involvement in the secret illegal gerrymandering?
Wisconsin deserves answers to these questions. Unfortunately, Scott Walker thinks he can keep the wool over our eyes and still survive the recall, and his corporate backers want him to keep quiet. Wake up Wisconsin!

Remember, Barrett is being outspent more than 25-to-1 by Walker's out-of-state millionaire donors. Those "big out-of-state unions" Walker keeps crying about have garnered about 1 million dollars, while Walker has raised over 25 million in his weeks travelling the nation. This has always been a people's campaign to restore Wisconsin values and move us Forward.

The full video of the debate is online at WISN.

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