Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bill Clinton Coming to Wisconsin to Campaign for Wisconsin

Bill Clinton is coming to Wisconsin to campaign for Wisconsin. The Journal Sentinel reports that Clinton will be in Milwaukee Friday with Tom Barrett. The time and place have yet to be determined. The popular former president is on the side of Wisconsin, not the 25 million dollar corporate-backed Out-of-State Scott Walker, and he's coming to show his support and get voters motivated to remove Scott Walker from office for all of his lies, secrecy and damage he's done to Wisconsin.

Where's George W. Bush for Walker?

You can sign up on Tom Barrett's website to be notified when the details are released.

Listen to the people of Wisconsin, not the out-of-state millionaires who want nothing more than to keep more of their money at all of our expense.

Vote for your economic interests and your neighbors'. Vote Tom Barrett.

Note our grassroots amateur-created signs :)


  1. It's nice fore Barrett that a charismatic peson is coming to pay a visit on his behalf. I imagine Bill is (aside from his fame etc) just a fun guy to be around. I hope everyone has a lovely time. However, Bill is not exactly anti-corporate, any more than Hillary is anti-militarist.
    ...and then there's that wee Keystone XL issue...
    So, imo they're both pretty comfy with the 1 percenters, and will never work against them in the least, but you take what you can get i guess O_o

    1. Very good point, but by coming here tomorrow, Clinton is working against the 1%. Clinton may be one of the most corporate-friendly Democrats, but that doesn't mean he supports their every whim.