Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UW Badger Poll: Majority Wisconsinites Disapprove Walker and His Budget

A new UW Badger Poll from the University of Wisconsin Survey Center is out, and it shows that Wisconsin doesn't like the direction we're being taken in. A record high for the poll of 55% are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the state. We haven't been this dissatisfied in over 20 years!

A majority of Wisconsinites believe the state is worse off since Walker took office. 55% oppose the Walker-Republican two-year budget recently signed by Walker in Green Bay, and 59% disapprove of the job that Walker is doing, much higher than the previous governor ever received.

Approval of the Democrats in the state is much higher than the Republicans, with nearly half of the state approving of the Democrats' job. Wisconsin overwhelmingly approves of the option of recalls and the recalls this summer, preferring the Democrats to win out by a wide margin.

Things are looking good for the recall elections, if you're a Democrat.

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